My fee for a standard 50 minute session is $120.00. I accept personal checks, PayPal, cash and credit cards. All transactions are kept confidential and private. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Most clients come in 1 time per week though if circumstances warrant, I see clients 2-3 times weekly or bi-monthly, and also do one-time consultations. I also offer video sessions through VSee, which is HIPAA compliant. 


I accept insurance as an out of network provider, please inquire. I am a Victim's Compensation provider. 

Counseling services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan.



It is important to know that Insurance companies require diagnoses in order to authorize treatment. They also have access to your therapeutic records, and your history of diagnoses. Paying out of pocket keeps your information private and away from insurance companies. I will be happy to provide you with information shared to your insurer. 

I approach my work with a client and solution based on the particular needs and current life situation a person is experiencing. Trained as a depth psychotherapist I believe that one's values, personal beliefs and core beliefs are formed during our very early years, throughout our childhood and individual perceptions of reality. Examining our lives, knowing who we are and understanding our origins is a life's journey. Throughout this journey challenges may trip us up. At these times we can experience our lives as chaotic and out of control. Given whom we are, and where we come from, the coping mechanisms we have developed may become overburdened. 


I believe that human beings have various challenges in life which give us the opportunity to examine ourselves more closely, seeking clarity and a deeper understanding of our purpose in living. At these crossroads we can become overwhelmed, confused and have difficulty dealing with strong emotions. It is at this point that many of us can benefit from psychotherapy, and explore these deeply rooted issues within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. It is also my belief that most behaviors are habits that have been formed and based on one's core material. My goal is to work with you within the therapeutic relationship, in an environment of acceptance and understanding, to address various issues, develop clarity, and a sense of contentment. 


Using an eclectic approach I am able to draw on my training and experience in the workings of the personality, keeping in mind the client's personal history, family of origin, personal strengths, always maintaining a deep and constant curiosity in their life story. I have found that the commonality of humanity binds us together, weaving our own paths which lead to growth. There are times we must stop on that path and look inward, reexamining ourselves and our purpose. I work with a client, to create an environment in which looking inward is encouraged, paced by the client and their particular needs, always mindful of their autonomy and uniqueness. You deserve to be content!






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