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Does Ketamine Follow Intention Setting?

Ketamine therapy and intentions

Yes, Ketamine sessions are typically conducted with a specific intention in mind. However, Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that is also used for therapeutic purposes, including its use in psychedelic-assisted therapy. The low to medium dosage used in therapy provides a psycholithic effect, giving room to a more interpersonal experience. During a Ketamine session, the intention is to create a safe and supportive environment.

The specific intention of a Ketamine session may vary depending on the therapeutic goals and the individual's needs. Some common intentions include:

  1. Healing and Resolution: The session aims to facilitate healing and resolution of past traumas, emotional wounds, or unresolved issues. The individual may explore and process challenging emotions or memories with the support of the therapist.

  2. Insight and Self-Discovery: The session may be focused on gaining insights and deeper understanding of oneself, including patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions. It can help the individual gain clarity and perspective on personal challenges or life situations.

  3. Expansion of Consciousness: Ketamine can induce altered states of consciousness, and the intention may be to facilitate expanded awareness, spiritual experiences, or a sense of interconnectedness. The individual may explore their consciousness and have transcendent or mystical experiences.

  4. Symptom Relief: Ketamine has been found to be effective in relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, and certain mental health conditions. The intention here is to alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being.

Intention sets the direction where the participant wants to move towards. As previously stated Ketamine is a dissociative substance, and it will not follow cognitive intentions or directives. It follows the directives of primary consciousness, or as other people identify it as unconscious.

By being flexible, understanding, and supportive, therapists can work together with the individual to overcome obstacles and ensure that the session is optimal and to get the most benefit out of a Ketamine therapy session.

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